Corporate & Organizational Training

NOSIRI corporate communication seminars, public speaking workshops, executive leadership skills training coaching, and organizational confidence and esteem workshops lessons in the Washington DC and Maryland area and online are tailored to each clientele's needs.

"The workshop was amazing and incredibly powerful, such to the point that we’re inviting the NOSIRI team back for a Part 2 workshop for our clients who were unable to attend the first workshop. If you have an opportunity to work with Dr. Nosiri and her team, please do it. You will not be disappointed!" - Felicia Denman (Housing Opportunities Unlimited)

"Dr. Nosiri was brought in to speak to Empowered Women International. She has a way of bringing out the best in others. Our clients loved her. They had a huge take away from the event." - Laura Starr Levengard (Empowered Women International).

Organizational Workshops & Seminars:
NOSIRI workshops and seminars are focused on group and team coaching to propel organizational and corporate esteem. NOSIRI empowers executives through one-on-one coaching, build team structure through group workshops, and motivate staff to promote unity and success through seminar events.

Public Speaking Seminars, Classes & Workshops:
Public Speaking classes is specialized to teach public speaking skills/communication competencies within the organization's environment or in-house at NOSIRI suites.

Positive Individual & Group Workshops/Seminar Session Topics:
Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication
 Corporate Motivation & Achievement Confidence
Corporate Comm. & Organizational Development

Conflict Mediation/Resolution
Organizational Change & Challenges/Productivity
Wardrobe and the Work Environment

Customer Reviews

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NOSIRI Empowers Your Organization:

"Dr. Nosiri was absolutely wonderful. The staff enjoyed her, but most importantly, the clients in attendance TRULY enjoyed her and the workshop. We're still receiving phone calls from the clients saying how thankful they are for the workshop. I really appreciated the way Dr. Nosiri engaged our clients and elicit authentic emotion from them. I can't stress to you just how much we enjoyed her. We can't wait to have her back! Thank you for providing an excellent workshop for our clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Rolanda M. (Housing Opportunities Unlimited).

"I learned how to be a persuasive speaker, present informative speeches, conflict resolution speeches, and how to work in groups." - Charter School Student (DCI)

"A very powerful and inspirational workshop - BeYOUtiful Campaign. We are looking forward to hosting Dr. Nosiri for another empowerment workshop." - A.S. (Shenandoah University Student Life)